Children's Dentistry

We understand that all children are small adults, and all procedures need to be explained simply and in their language. With this in mind, their journey from the waiting room through to the surgery is soft and caring.

Dr. Miller wants to help you and your child look after those precious teeth right up to adulthood. He will explain the importance of oral hygiene and prevention along with modern, child-friendly, conservative treatment procedures. His experience in general dentistry and an orthodontics ensure that your child’s dental needs are addressed at all stages of their development.

Oral health and looking after teeth is ultimately education driven. If parents are motivated and knowledgeable about how to brush and care for their teeth, the children will be too. Every day, Dr. Miller sees that children tend to have the same traits as their parents and therefore oral health education at home is crucial. If you’d like a consultation to discuss the proper brushing techniques and oral health guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tooth decay is fundamentally related to two things: brushing teeth and diet. Firstly, children should be educated on the importance of brushing in the morning and evening for two minutes. Parents need to motivate their children and make it fun whilst setting and demonstrating clear guidelines. Children don’t have the manual dexterity to adequately do this on their own until the age of 6, so prior to this parents should be supervising teeth brushing. It is good to give children responsibility but unfortunately, if left to their own devices without parental support, they will often be leaving plaque, bacteria and food debris in the mouth.

The second aspect is diet. We always talk about limiting sugar intake to meal times and not snacking on sugary foods – parents can designate a ‘sweetie day’ where children have treats once a week.

It is also very important that parents don’t pass on their fears of the dentist. Years ago it might have hurt to have a filling but dentistry has advanced in leaps and bounds and nowadays there is no excuse for avoiding the dentist. Parents should be taking advantage of dentists and booking their children in for regular check-ups. Not only will their children end up having their teeth for longer and the benefits of that, they will also have an education and that is a legacy they will pass onto the next generation.